ARK Indonesia

ARK Indonesia (Anak Radja Kreasindo) is an Indonesian design agency based in Jakarta and Bali. With years of experience in design services, we offer a branding, logo design, graphic design, web design & development, 3D visual, photography and digital marketing services. Our team will work on your projects, giving you unmatched variety of choices; serve you with FRESH, SPICY and DELICIOUS concept with creating a unique visual identity that communicates the brand’s message with creative ideas for impactful results.

What we do

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  • ayana
  • bon-tours-dubai
  • alliance
  • artha-graha
  • mozaic
  • bpd-bali
  • circle-k
  • cma
  • garam
  • hard-rock-bali
  • heinz-abc
  • holiday-inn
  • intercontinental
  • karma-kandara
  • mercy-indonesia
  • pantai-lima
  • pronas
  • risata-bali
  • the-villas
  • the-vira-bali

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